CYKCYK is a logic puzzle whose appearance depends only on you!

How does CYKCYK work?

You arrange the picture by moving the moving puzzle pieces. Usually we can meet puzzles with dimensions of 3×3 or 4×4 tiles, but CYKCYK has as many as 7×7 tiles, which increases the difficulty level and becomes even more challenging.

We promise that you will not put CYKCYK in a few minutes. Moreover, it is quite possible that you will have to make several approaches to him.

Create your puzzle!


CYKCYK forces you to think logically, taking your attention away from the phone or computer screen.

If you love puzzles, but sometimes you lose one or two … with CYKCYK you won’t have this problem! All 49 tiles will stick together. And thanks to this, you can take this puzzle game with you wherever you want, because it can even fit in your pants pocket.


Or maybe you decide to deliver some important message?

Thanks to the possibility of uploading any chosen graphics, you can create an unforgettable gift with us!


CYKCYK is suitable as a gift for both a child and an adult!

For your child, you can compose a CYKCYK with the motif of her favorite fairy-tale character. Not only will your child be very happy, but also thanks to the arrangement, he will develop the ability to think logically and take his eyes off the colorful displays.

For a friend, colleague, boyfriend, wife or colleague, design a CYKCYK as a souvenir, place on it a graphic that evokes your shared memories. By the way, this puzzle game will allow you to break away from the surrounding world for a moment and relax your mind.