Puzzle CYKCYK – Tomasz Sętowski – Horseman


A series inspired by the works of Tomasz Sętowski. In his compositions, he shows characters in fantastic, colorful costumes, a trend known as magical realism. The artist’s works reflect his rich imagination.

You will receive CYKCYK in an elegant, ecological and biodegradable paper packaging. You can decorate it according to your own idea or write something on it yourself. CYKCYK packed in this way will be of great interest even before unpacking.



How does CYKCYK work?
You arrange the picture by moving the moving puzzle pieces. Usually we can meet puzzles with dimensions of 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 tiles, but CYKCYK has as many as 7 × 7 tiles, which increases the difficulty level and becomes even more challenging.


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